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Amanda Cook Bluegrass


The Amanda Cook Band is a bluegrass band based out of the great state of Florida. Amanda formed the band in late 2013 after many years of playing in a band with her father. Amanda was determined to create her own sound, she stepped out on her own and released her first solo album One Stop Along the Road. The project made it to the top 150 Roots Music Bluegrass Album Charts for 2014 and 2015. The self-released album also brought Amanda significant regional attention and furthered the desire to grow her brand, resulting in the addition of a full touring band. In early 2017, Amanda signed with Mountain Fever Records and recorded her debut album on the label "Deep Water." Amanda was excited for her 2nd album project, especially that she and band member Carolyne VanLierop co-wrote the title track. Since it’s release, “Deep Water” came out at #6 on the Bluegrass Billboard charts, #3 on the Roots Music Report and debuting at #7 on the Bluegrass Today charts, remaining in the top 10 for 13 weeks.

The Amanda Cook Band has created quite a loyal fan-base. Amanda’s delivery of a soul-wrenching song, her light-hearted, down-to-earth style and the tremendous musicianship backing her creates an undeniably strong connection with the audience. The Band is made up of the following musicians: Amanda Cook Lead Vocals, Carolyne Van Lierop on banjo and vocals, Josh Faul, upright bass, Scott Fore on guitar, Greg Jones on mandolin and vocals and George Mason on fiddle. This group has played together on and off for years and they have considerable experience playing on stage at numerous venues. The Amanda Cook Band offers a unique style on a great mix of both traditional and contemporary bluegrass. 

Meet the Band

Carolyne VanLierop calls Blountstown, Florida her home. She began her love for bluegrass at a young age after watching the Little Roy and Lizzy show. Soon after that show at the annual Florida Sheriff’s Ranch show, Carolyne began learning the 5 string banjo. In 2002, Carolyne joined her grandfather’s family band the Sheriff’s Posse and then some years later Carolyne and her cousins formed the band The Rivertown Girls. The Rivertown Girls played many festivals in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama and produced 3 albums within the six years they were together. Following the Rivertown Girls, Carolyne played with Big Bend and Big River Bluegrass band. Carolyne is also a founding member of Amanda's Band joining up with Amanda in late 2013.

Joshua Faul from Gulfport, MS is a late bloomer to music in general. He received his first electric bass at age 17, and within a year was playing for local church services. He has played with many local groups playing various genres of music. Joshua’s first taste of bluegrass came even later. It was finally in 2010 when he discovered his love for bluegrass when he filled in with Delta Reign at a festival in Pascagoula, MS. He was hooked, and soon bought an upright bass. For the next five years Joshua performed with Delta Reign and recorded three albums with them. He joined The Amanda Cook Band in the summer of 2017. 

Greg Jones from Mt Airy, North Carolina takes great pride in being born and raised in the middle of a bluegrass and old time community. His hometown and surrounding area has produced great artists such as James King, Tommy Jarrell, Cullen Galyean and Benton Flippen, just to name a few.  Greg grew up with family members that were very talented musicians who never received recognition outside the family gatherings or local community jams.  It wasn’t a hard decision for Greg to choose to learn to pick at the early age of 15. Leaning on his foundation of music and a natural ear, Greg developed his own playing style on Mandolin. Greg spent many nights with his younger brother, Tony listening to records learning licks and runs! Having learned to harmonize with his mother and brother at a young age gave him the smooth tenor voice that blends so well on both 3 and 4 part harmonies. Greg played with family bands but since has played with the following bands; Cana River Boys,  Backyard Bluegrass, Borderline, James King Band, Acoustic Blend, Crosswinds, Piedmont Grass, Cornerstone, Bluegrass Tradition, Cullen Galyean and The Bluegrassers, Rich In Tradition and Atomic Roots. Greg is a wonderful addition to The Amanda Cook Band and we can’t wait for our fans to meet him out on the road with us. We are sure you will not be disappointed!!    

George Mason, an Arkansas native, began his music career at a very young age.  Taking fiddle lessons from Wayne Gourd at age 8, he began playing gigs by 9. George took his first full time gig at 14 playing at Dogpatch USA theme park. At 16, he began touring with Tommy Overstreet and the Nashville Express. Between the ages of 19 and 24 George played fiddle for the following Grand Ole Opry Stars: Jean Sheppard, Jeanie Sealie, Freddy Hart, Johnny Duncan, Jack Green Del Reeves, Melba Montgomery, Stonewall Jackson, Cal Smith, Tommy Cash, Charlie Louvin, just to name a few. At 25, George took on the role of Stage/Musical Director for the Osmond Brothers.  At this time, he also toured with Patti Page as lead violinist and with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra on both violin and guitar. Needless to say, George has years of experience and brings a long list of talents to The Amanda Cook Band. George joined Amanda in July of 2016 and is a wonderful addition to the group 

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